Announcing Regional Gatherings Speaker: Nancy Fisher

We are so excited to announce that Nancy Fisher will be our Regional Gatherings speaker!

Nancy is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and Certified Leadership Circle Practitioner, will lead the group through thought-provoking exercises. You can learn more about her in her own words:

“It’s true I’m a bit of a rebel at heart, but in an upstanding citizen kind of way! I’m a ‘lifestyle rebel’ who cares deeply and believes in a fun, wholehearted life. As a coach, I lead by example by living my life fully and authentically. I joined the revolution and I’m fighting the good fight for a meaningful life every day! I coach others because I live for a-ha moments when people to see the possibilities. I get enormous joy from helping people take small steps toward revolutionary new possibilities in their own life, creating a new chapter that lights them up from inside.

As for my own revolution, I am living the life I was meant to live all along. I no longer seek to do what I “should” or climb the corporate ladder, I have a job I love, we traded in our house for a townhome (no yard maintenance!), and my husband and I pursue vacations and concerts all year long.
In addition to my experience in people development and personal coaching, I am also a Gallup-certified Strengths coach, and have spent many years facilitating team workshops and coaching individuals about their unique strengths and how to use them successfully.
The work I do as a coach is dedicated to the memory of my brother Randy, who always saw the possibilities in everyone, and was one of my biggest inspirations. #tallman #thumbsup”

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