The Collaborative Leadership Development Program (CLDP)

The Collaborative Leadership Development Program (CLDP) is an 15-month integrative program for the future of religious life, providing intercultural perspectives, designed to deepen relationships among women religious, associates, and co-members and prepare them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to assume leadership positions in community and ministry. Vowed members, co-members and associates of congregations based in the U.S. with ministries outside the U.S. are eligible. Applicants are 60 years of age or younger.

The CLDP is a program sponsored by The Leadership Collaborative. The Leadership Collaborative is a working group of women’s religious congregations and organizations committed to developing the capacity for transformational leadership among women religious, their associates and their ministry partners now and into the future.

The CLDP blends contemplative practices and building relationships with self-growth and spiritual development, through prayerful study and interaction, online forums, mentoring, and coaching.

The program involves these aspects:

  • Participation in three 4-day sessions at Siena Retreat Center in Racine, Wisconsin (2021-2022).
  • Participation in a 360 Leadership Profile Survey process with follow-up coaching
  • Mentorship by a woman religious, associate or other qualified mentor who will support the participant in theoretical learning and practical application of leadership skills
  • Development of personal learning goals to enhance individual growth in an aspect of leadership chosen by the participant
  • Distance-learning via regular electronic communication (monthly webinars, phone conferences)
  • The program and all resources are offered to participants in both English and Spanish as needed.

The CLDP curriculum focuses on the following areas:

  • Spirituality: Congregational charism, communal and contemplative practices, contemporary theology, liturgy and ritual
  • Self-awareness and self-discovery: self-care, profile survey for self-assessment, coach and mentor opportunities
  • Behavioral skill-building for leadership: communication through dialogue, feedback skills, conflict resolution, strategic planning, systems thinking, creative leading
  • Ministry challenges and leadership: social justice, navigating change, current church and social challenges, global awareness, sustainability
  • Intercultural experience: participants from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, including English-speaking and Spanish-speaking cultures
  • Variety of learning modalities: small and large-group interactions, web-based learning, creative modes of expression, dialogue, media

If accepted, there is a one-time fee for this program of $4,500 that includes the program and room and board. Transportation is the responsibility of the participant.

The participant must complete an application and have the recommendation of her congregational leadership.

Application Form

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