Ongoing Leadership Development Program

About the Ongoing Leadership Development Program

The Ongoing Leadership Development Programs align with the values of the CLDP and exist to ensure that Post-CLDP programs meet and address the ongoing needs, supports and resources of all who have experienced the CLDP or affiliated programs. We work to implement activities that will provide local and regional support to LC Graduates, increase opportunities that will further collaboration, and expand educational and experiential opportunities that will enhance LC women religious as inter-generational, inter-cultural, inter-congregational transformational leaders.

2020 Regional Gatherings

TLC 360 & Leaders in a Diaspora Moment: A deep dive into maximizing your gifts

Your Leadership Circle 360 profile offers powerful insights that connect intimately with our exploration of leadership in a diaspora moment that occurred during our 2019 biennial gathering. In the 2020 regional gatherings, we will take a deep dive into how your personal 360 profile can be applied to the insights and themes inherent to what it means to find ourselves on a diaspora journey. We will uncover how your strongest competencies, empower you to respond to what’s emerging in religious life, and how you can courageously move forward with energy and purpose.

Nancy Fisher, a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and Certified Leadership Circle Practitioner, will lead the group through thought-provoking exercises what will help you understand the power of your Top 5 Strengths and how they connect to the Leadership Circle Profile.

Debbie Asberry is a senior consultant with CommunityWorks, Inc. She is a business consultant and executive coach working in the areas of change management and leadership development. Her clients include small businesses, nonprofit organizations and their boards, religious congregations and church organizations.
Her consultation style is to partner with organizations and support them in accomplishing the goals and desired outcomes that they have identified. Her clients have taught her that no matter how insignificant a change process may seem on the surface, engaging the issue usually results in a deeper change that reverberates throughout the entire system, offering the possibilities of renewal and transformation. Debbie has found that by providing organizations and their leaders with simple tools and processes related to change management, leadership development and organizational culture, that together they are able to achieve the desired results with integrity and grace. She brings thirty years of experience to this role.
Debbie is certified as an Executive Coach with the Center for Archetypal Studies and Applications (CASA) to administer the Pearson-Marr Archetype Index (PMAI) and their Organization Culture Team Index (OCTI). She is certified through the Leadership Circle to administer the leadership Circle Profile 360 Survey (TLCP). Debbie is affiliated with the nonprofit organization, Seeing Things Whole, and is involved with their leadership roundtables and initiatives supporting business leaders in developing a practice of discernment within a business climate.

Who: ALL graduates of LC programs (sisters and all other charism carriers)

How: There is a $125 registration fee. Bulk of program, room & board, and travel expenses are covered by the Leadership Collaborative.

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