Mary Stanco, H.M.

Sr. Mary Stanco, HM is the Director of Donor Care.  As a Sister of the Humility of Mary, she lives by the words found in the HM Constitution that “...God is Faithful, hope is a way of life and love brings about justice and peace.”   She cares about the participants and alums as they endeavor to lead in various ways in their communities, ministries and personal lives.   A 2015 CLDP-2 alum, she helps to tell the story of religious life in the 21st Century by first listening to you. She brings her unique experience of working with various nonprofits and recently moved on from ten years in ministry with two volunteer programs focused on helping young adults discover ways to be of service to migrants and refugees.  As a graduate of Case Western Reserve University’s Master in Nonprofit Organizations program and a MLS degree from the University of Pittsburgh, she enjoys bringing information and people together to explore and learn what is possible.  Mary is a traveler, lover of literature and music, and forever curious in pursuing gardening, music composition, photography and drawing.

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