Vicki Wuolle, CSA, Ph.D.

Passion about emerging systems, the potential of people, and the provocation of transformation (personal, local, and global) during times of change inspire Vicki to commit to the potency of the Leadership Collaborative.

Vicki’s concern for creation and the signs-of-the times brought her to Religious Life in the early 21st C. and continue to connect her more fully to the need for the compassionate presence of the Gospel in the world. Before entering community, she spent time working human services, customer service, and sales. After entering she found her home in the classroom, teaching high school and college students in the areas of theology and leadership. Her educational foundation is in Psychology, Theology and Leadership Studies, all of which influence her everyday interactions and the desire to be in conversation with those from diverse disciplines. Her doctoral research and continued study is focused on the role of conscious evolution in emerging communities, which adds to her joy in working with the Leadership Collaborative and all things Religious Life.

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