Nancy Murphy

When I was asked by my community to attend the CLDP in 2015, I was uncertain whether I wanted to go or not. I wasn’t in Leadership – I was working in an inner-city clinic, taking care of patients, doing direct service of the poor. I thought – why me? Then I thought – why not? When I arrived at the 1st meeting, still skeptical, I met > 40 amazing women from across the country and around the globe who were also in this program. Some were in Leadership – many were not…or not yet. We started with the 360 – and it was amazing – by owning up to our own areas of struggle, uncertainty and even past failure, we were shown how we could use those very things to build up the skills necessary to become a better Leader. We got encouragement and insight from our facilitators, our speakers and each other. All of this was sprinkled with prayer, silence, music, joy and laughter (okay, maybe a few tears too) to make the experience amazing.
And God has a sense of humor. Guess who was asked to be in a Leadership position this year? This experience helped to make me more ready and able to say “Yes”.

-Nancy Murphy, Daughter of Charity

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